Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Computer Viruses are known by many names; Adware, Malware, Spyware, Bugs, Infections, & Trojans.  They are designed to peform a variety of functions, including destroying data, stealing personal user information, or No matter the flavor, they are all bad, and ComputerNC specilizes in removing them. Most virus removal services can be completed on the same day as the computer is brought in. Don't fight a slowing system, or risking your personal data transferring to someone miles away, bring any device today, and let the experienced techs at Computer Network Center remove all infections - quickly & completely.

Note: We are experienced in removing viruses from Desktops, Laptops, Windows, Apple, Android, iPad & iPhones.

Virus Removal FAQ

What is a computer virus!

Software that can cause your computer to run or act in ways it shouldn’t are malicious and are known as viruses. Viruses make their way to your computer by means of the internet, installation of 3rd party software and other ways to name a few.

Symptoms that your computer has a virus include:

  • Your computer is not responding or running very slow<
  • You visit a familiar webpage but the site is not the same
  • Your screen displays pop-ups frequently when your online or even offline
  • You have icons on your desktop that are no longer there, don’t respond when you click on them, or have changed to something unrecognized by you

Stop using your system if you think you have a computer virus and get it diagnosed immediately before any other damage is done. Viruses and other malware programs can hijack your personal information including financial information such as bank account numbers and or credit card numbers and transmit them to unauthorized individuals and be used in fraudulent ways. Quickly disconnect your computer from the internet and give us a call at 281-715-6924 or visit our “contact” page and provide us with your information on the form located toward the bottom and we will respond shortly with your request.

Frequently Asked Questions about this and related tech:

Computer NC offers free estimates on all repair services!

Computer NC offers more than just virus removal.  We also offer computer repair, laptop repair, Software installations /upgrades, Computer password unlocking, Servers and Network maintenance, Data backup and recovery and more! Check out our “Computer Services” page for a full overview of services we offer or call us at 281-715-6924 and let us know how we can help you.